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CD Review - Keith Urban "Get Closer"

Keith Urban - Get Closer CD Cover         (Photo courtesy of www.amazon.com

First off, the CD only contains eight tracks.  Overall, the CD is the average Keith Urban CD.  If anyone has heard his last several CD's, this is very similar.  I am not sure if Dann Huff produced it again but, it has the same pop/country sound that Keith has been a part of since "Love, Pain, & The Whole Crazy Thing".  The theme throughout the entire CD is love.  There is happy love and sad love.  There were only two or three songs on the CD that showed off what Keith is known for and that is his guitar playing.  The break down goes like this:

"Put You In A Song" - This is a good choice for an opening track.  It's upbeat and good road trip type song.  It would be a good song to hear live.  It reminded me a bit of "Your My Better Half".  It is one of those happy love songs.

"You Gonna Fly" - I thought this track had a little feel of "Where The Blacktop Ends" only with kind of a low groove to it.  It is upbeat and has more of a country feel to it (you can hear a banjo in the background) then "Put You In A Song" did.  It also had a guitar solo in it.  The theme is just simple optimistic love. 

"All For You"  - A piano ballad and a love song.  It is kinda cheesy however, I am bitter and scorned about love so maybe it is just me. 

"Long Hot Summer" - An upbeat song that is yet another road trip type song.  It sounds more country than some of the other songs that you hear on country radio.  I kept thinking of Rascal Flatts while listening to the song.  It isn't a bad song (not great either) but it has a strong beat to it and would be another good song to perform live.  The lyrics are bit trite, basic, and simple however. 

"Without You" - This is a slow love song.  I am a bit confused (and maybe I am taking this out of context - and I hope I am).  There is a line in the song that baffles me.  The line is, "And up until you came along, no one ever heard my song, now it's climbing with a bullet".  I am assuming that Keith wrote the song and I am curious to know what motivated him to say that. 

"Georgia Rain" - This is another upbeat song that reminded me of "Long Hot Summer" as far as the theme of the song went.  It is another love song with simple lyrics.  This track really shines on Keith's guitar work, however.  It includes an epic solo at the end that Keith is famous for.  Think "Raining On Sunday" or "Stupid Boy" - the unedited non-radio CD version.   

"Right Back On You" - This is the rare broken hearted love song on the CD.  It is a story of a man pining for his woman on the side of the road in a (I'm assuming) broken down car.  He must have been driving the last car that I drove.  Anyway, it is a medium tempo song and includes more guitar work.  It kinda has a "Raining On Sunday" type feel to it in the music part but not so much in the lyrics. 

"Shut Out The Lights" - This is a curious song.  It is upbeat but not a happy sort of way.  It's a song about trying to make a relationship work when there are so many obstacles in our way.  The resolution in the song sounded like (to me) that instead of fighting, let's just turn out the lights and worry about this in the morning.  Funny, 'cause I have been told that the key to a successful relationship is never to go to bed angry or fighting...I guess whatever works. 

In conclusion, I can't say that I loved it or that I hated the CD.  It was just kind of middle of the road for me.  I would like to have seen more of an expansion on Keith's guitar work and maybe a golden jem of song that would blow me away (either muscially or lyrically) but, I didn't really here any of that.  Most retailers are pricing the CD around seven dollars (and Target has their own deluxe version) so if you want to shell out a few bucks for it, it could be worth it. 

~ Gabber Christina

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