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Oh yeah, this could totally work....a Ne-Yo and Lady Gaga country collaboration in the works?

Oh lordy, lordy, lordy, now this is the country collaboration to beat all.

An R&B singer with four letters and a hyphen in his name and a meat-wearing fashion freak (with songs I hate to admit are completely catchy) could quite possibly be pairing up to give you your next country cross-over album.

Uhm, I think we're being punked. 

Ne-Yo (and no, I don't know if that's Knee-Yo or Nay-Yo so you might as well not ask) recently told the UK's Daily Star, "I’ve reached out to GaGa and our people are talking. It would be amazing if we could do a country and western record, something totally unexpected."

Let's just hope if the two do put out a country album together the cover features not only Lady Gaga's meat dress (here in case you missed it before) but also the lovely blonde wig Ne-Yo's wearing above.  That would definitely be the icing on the oddity cake. 

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