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Sometimes you're the interviewer and sometimes you're the ibex

This video had me laughing so darn hard. Today has been one of those days and I know how this guy feels. I have no idea why he's arguing with an ibex but I feel his pain. And his pain made me laugh. Hysterically. And the ibex reminded me of my husband. Don't know why. Anyway, there is so, so much news that I've missed over the last week that I honestly don't even know where to start so I'm just not going to. I basically have information overload and can't seem to figure out a place to start so... Read more

Yep, more country stars are getting ready to hear the pitter patter of little feet in the very near future. Seriously, what do they feed these guys backstage? The two latest stars to join the bun-in-the-oven gang is Josh Turner and Dierks Bentley. Josh tells that his wife is due early next year and that his father intuition came in handy when his wife's first pregnancy test came up negative. "She did (take a pregnancy test) and it was negative, but I refused to believe it," Josh says. "So when she took another and told me she's pregnant, all... Read more

There are a few people in music who bug me just because they exist in a realm where I actually have to hear about them despite the fact that I would never listen to their music. Justin Bieber is one. I mean really, this is a teeny bopper sex symbol? If I have to read one more thing about what type of "woman" he wants to date I think I might just stab my eyeballs out with a pencil. Ke$ha is another. Her music isn't horrid I suppose, although I have to admit the only song I've ever purposely listened... Read more

I've been up since 4 this morning going through the news and yet I haven't posted a darn thing. Fact is, I'm having a bit of a motivation drain. I get that a lot lately. I love the site but after two years of doing it all by my lonesome, I just sometimes find it very hard to sit and write. Maybe it's writer's blog block or maybe it's the summer sunshine streaming through my window that does it to me, but whatever it is it sucks. And after taking the last week off to spend with my out-of-town family... Read more

Is this country? Not really, it's just Sugarland

Sugarland released their first single Stuck Like Glue from their 10/19/10 CD "The Incredible Machine" to radio on Friday and will be releasing the song to iTunes tomorrow. Doesn't sound very country but is definitely very Sugarland. And it's definitely a toe tapper. Take a listen while the video is still up since it will probably be removed shortly. Read more

New country artist, Tyler Reeve, gave us a glimpse of a beer-fueled tattoo session Jake Owen recently had. Back on July 20th, Tyler Tweeted about Jake Owen getting a new tattoo. Jake Owen getting his new tattoo... On a whim- after a few beers - on our way to dibber Here comes the tat The Tennessee stars All I can say is thank goodness Twitter didn't exist when I was doing crazy stuff like getting tattoos after an evening of drinking (yes, I have a tattoo that also involved a little alcoholic encouragement. Don't ask). {Via The... Read more

The sp[oil]ed campaign that I first told you about back in June is still in full swing and some more country stars have had their oily pictures taken. Here are a couple of the newest ones. Ty Herndon Brady Seals Ashton Shepherd The sp[oil]ed Campaignis "a photographic movement created by New Orleans photographer, Matthew Arthur and NLE founder, Nicholas Landry in direct response to the massive oil spill off the coast of Louisiana. The photo project is open to anyone willing to get involved and work for a solution in the Gulf." The campaign first came to my attention when... Read more