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Visiting Denmark? Why not stop by Graceland?


So, you say you're going to Denmark and want something to do besides visiting the local cannabis coffee shops.

Well how about visiting Graceland? 

Yep, the town of Randers is getting it's very own Elvis museum which will be a replica of Elvis Presley's Memphis home, Graceland. 

The museum, which is set to open in April of 2011, is the pet project of Henrik Knudsen who already runs an Elvis museum in another town which he opened 15 years ago.

Knudsen's current museum has about 25,000 visitors a year and he hopes that the new museum will see somewhere between 75,000-125,000 Elvis lovers visiting per year. 

Knudsen says, "This exact copy of Graceland will include some 6,000 original possessions of the King like clothing, boots, guitars, letters, contracts and other diverse objects." It will cost approximately $4.3 million to build and will also feature a shop, restaurant, and theater where Elvis movies will play. 

No word yet on if there will be any cannabis coffee shops close by, though. 


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