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Tim mcgraw
Photo via Reader's Digest

Lisa Dent from US 99.5 did a great backstage interview recently with Tim McGraw where he gives some advice to President Obama, let's the cat out of the bag about who taught Sandra Bullock to play guitar, tells us how he lost 37 pounds, and lets us in on his deep, dark secret.

Okay, maybe not so deep and dark, but at least very surprisingly sweet.

When asked what he still has from childhoo, Tim says, "I have a blanket that I got on my 12th birthday from my mom that I still sit in my chair with at home and watch movies.  My kids love it, my wife loves it, everybody loves's everybody's favorite blanket."

Can I get a big awwwww.

Oh, and Tim also says he cries at commercials and the last movie that made him cry was The Greatest.

Wow, that Tim sure is a sentimental guy.  Who knew?

Check out the short but totally sweet interview here. And in case you want a good cry, here's the trailer for The Greatest.

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