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Oh poo, a Foo Fighter's gone country


Careful all, there's a Foo Fighter treading on country ground.

Foo Fighters guitarist, Chris Shiflett, has a new side project going on that will let him dip his toes in country music just a bit. 

Chris Shiflett and The Dead Peasants will release their debut album July 12th according to

"One of my favourite kinds of music is old country and old rockabilly and modern Americana like Son Volt, Wilco, and Ryan Adams, I love all that stuff," Shiflett told the NME. "There's really no real big loud Les Paul pumping through a Marshall amp kind of moments on this record. It is so far from anything I've been a part of with Foo Fighters and it was just really fun to do."

For those of you who hate hearing crossovers on the radio, you probably wont be hearing a Foo Fighter on your local country station too soon considering Chris describes his new adventure as more of a "goth record."

Goth with country roots.  Sounds interesting.

If you are a Foo Fighter fan and would like to hear some of The Dead Peasants' music, you can check out their MySpace.  You can also download a song for free called Get Along from Filter Magazine here.

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