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Cash Rich had a good reason for looking perturbed in his debut picture....helicopters

Cash rich

I had this picture of John Rich's son making his public debut (thanks to Sebastian Bach's Twitter) the other day and I commented on the grumpy gus look on his face.  Now we know the story behind the sweet baby grumpiness....lots of noise!

See his proud papa, John Rich, was up to his angering-the-neighbors antics again. 

At this point, I'm starting to think John's got a bucket list of things he wants to do to piss off the neighborhood. 

Anyway, Sebastian had tweeted that he and Ted Nugent were at John's house to shoot a video.  Well apparently there's a tiny bit more to that story.

See the video shoot went on through the night and was complete with a helicopter and fire works.

Sounds fun. 

The neighbors complained, the police were sent out but left without issuing any tickets after the security crew promised to keep the noise down.

Of a helicopter and fireworks?  Them's must be some magical security guards.

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