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Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, TN. started using intro songs that the drivers picked to show a little bit of their personalities, sort of like they do when other sports teams take the field or boxers take the ring.

Well Blake Shelton, who is a huge Nascar fan and friend of quite a few drivers, got in on the action and gave ESPN his idea of which drivers should use which songs and why.

I'm not a race fan, but I'm sure those of you that are will get a kick out of the list.

Kurt Busch -- "Now Kurt's the oldest brother, right? I don't know why, but the theme song to the 'Brady Bunch' comes to mind. Is that weird?"

Mark Martin --"Easy one. 'Grandpa,' by the Judds."

Robby Gordon -- "'Some Beach,' by me because he wrecked me at Atlanta last weekend. I at least thought I could miss the first few laps and still see the car. Nope. At least he got me on TV."

Kasey Kahne --"Oh, man. He's pretty. He's the prettiest man I've ever seen. 'Dude (Looks Like A Lady),' by Aerosmith. Great driver. And he's really pretty. Really pretty."

Denny Hamlin --"Didn't he say something about his car recently, like his motor was bad or something? 'Piece Of S--- Car.' Adam Sandler."

Brad Keselowski -- "Is that guy OK? I thought Carl Edwards was the one that did the flipping. 'Ain't That A Kick In The Head,' by Dean Martin."

Tony Stewart --"'My Way,' by Frank Sinatra. He bought his own team, and he's doin' it."

Matt Kenseth -- "From what I hear, he's funny, but people think he's boring as hell. 'Personality,' by Lloyd Price."

Kyle Busch -- "'We're Not Gonna Take It,' by Twisted Sister. Because he just gets so pissed and doesn't do anything wrong ever. Ever."

Elliott Sadler -- "'Ol' Red.' He's in the video with me, and played the part of my inbred cousin. He was a natural."

Joey Logano -- "We'll go with another one of mine here: 'The Baby.' Does he shave yet?"

Jeff Gordon -- "'I Kissed A Girl,' by Katy Perry. I don't really know what made me think of that song. But I did. So there you go. Enough said."

Kevin Harvick -- "'Loser,' by Beck. Wait. … He's leading the points, isn't he? We'll keep it just for the irony."

Jeff Burton --"'Love Will Keep Us Together,' by Captain and Tennille. Y'all call him the Mayor, don't ya?"

Clint Bowyer -- "'Hillbilly Bone.' He does a race at his house every year called the Hillbilly 250. It works."

Jimmie Johnson -- "An old Mac Davis song works for him, called '[Oh] Lord It's Hard To Be Humble' when you're perfect in every way."

Scott Speed -- "'Karma Chameleon,' by Culture Club. We'll leave it at that."

Brian Vickers --"'Wanted Dead Or Alive,' by Bon Jovi. That's true, right?"

Dale Earnhardt Jr. -- "'The More I Drink, The More I Drink.' This is one of mine. He's having that kind of luck."

Carl Edwards -- "'I'm Too Sexy' for my shirt, by Right Said Fred. Enough said."

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