Maybe Mindy’s next single should be liar, liar, pants on fire


Gads, I thought this whole Mindy McCready sex tape thing was done and over with.  Not so apparently. 

Welcome to the world of old sex tapes never die and signed model releases never disappear.

E! Online has obtained a release that appears to show that Mindy signed off on AND was paid for her sex tape back on January 13, 2009. 

Yes, 2009.

Maybe she just forgot?

Now you could maybe say it was forged and the "entertainment" company is just trying to get away with exploiting Mindy.  Yeah, you could say that, except for the fact that the release was notarized in Tennessee.

I guess maybe back in 2009 Mindy didn't realize she would have a new CD out and be back on the sober track in 2010.  Too bad, so sad.  Guess the better thing to have done when all this came to light would have been to have said, "oops, I was high at the time."  Everyone would have just chalked it up to that crazy Mindy and her self-destructive ways and no one would still be talking about it. 

But she didn't and now we are (still talking about it that is).  Now I'm curious how much she was paid, but I'm sure that will be the next info to come out. 



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