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Reader Bev was lucky enough to take in a recent Clay Walker show in Columbus, Ohio and then sent some great pictures and review along to me so you could all live vicariously thru her. Thanks Bev! 


My name is Bev, I live in Southern Ohio and I was lucky enough to get a ticket for my birthday from Dianna who is a dear friend of mine, to see Clay Walker at Sreamin Willie's in Columbus Ohio Friday March 19, 2010.
WOW what a show!! Clay is one sexy guy, but the voice backs all of that up and then some! <grin>
The opening act was Hillbilly Mob and they did a very good job. Then, we were lucky enough to get a set by Lee Brice. Awesome writer and artist! He rocked the place for sure. He even included the self penned tune that Garth Brooks took to the charts called "More than a memory"!!
Clay did an awesome show. He sang many of the "well" known songs like "Live, Love and Laugh", "Fore she was mamma", "Fall", "This woman and this man", "Everybody needs love" and "Rumor has it", to name just a few.
Lei's were passed out for his live version of "Then What", which brought  the place down with his rolling r's when he does the (arrrreba's)
Clay rocked the house with "Cold hearted"   Man....,  when he goes to tipping that hat , and swinging that towel, the women go crazy, hearts pound and lots of screaming takes place! He also did a fabulous job on the "new" single "If she's lonely now, she won't be lonely long"
Clay invited Lee Brice and his band back out and they rocked the house together at the end with a medley of dance hall favorites including "Paradise City". Clay ended the show with another round of "If she's lonely now, she won't be lonely long".
Again this was a fabulous show and I had a wonderful time. Clay looks great and he sounded like he is at the top of his game!!
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