Danny Gokey makes first step to becoming king of eye wear
Kellie Pickler's new single is....

Oh man, why have I not discovered this before?

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCardsat JibJab!

Watching Regis and Kelly this morning they had mentioned that you could do these silly Jib Jab cut out dance things by visiting here. What a time wasting, silly thing to do. 

Oh you know I ran right over and tried it.

And just so you know, I now have a personalized video of the heads of Gary Allan, Chuck Wicks, Blake Shelton, and various other hotties on the bodies of Chippendale dancers saved on my desktop.  I love you Jib Jab.

You can see the video after the jump if you're a desperate housewife like me. 

Did I mention I had a dream very similar to this just the other night?

And yes, that is George Clooney in there. Hey, this is my dream after all.

I'm so going to hell, just so you know.  But at least Luke looks happy in the video.

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCardsat JibJab!

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