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In case you didn't know it, Jamey Jonson and Matthew McConaughey are old buddies, and as old guy buddies often do the two made a football bet.

Matthew McConaughey lost.

Unfortunately this bet didn't involve embarrassing tattoos, naked runs through public places, or even prank calling George Clooney. Nope, it was a boring old money bet, although the money is going for a good cause.

From Life & Style magazine"We made a $500 bet on the Texas-Alabama national-championship game, with the money going to the winner's chosen charity," Matthew tells Life & Style. "Jamey had 'Bama." Sadly for Matthew, the Crimson Tide won the Jan. 7 game 37-21. But Matthew is having some trouble paying his buddy. "Jamey wanted to donate the $500 to Gamblers Anonymous, but they wouldn't take it," he says. "So I'm writing this check to him so he can finally go out a winner and get out of the gambling game." All fun and games aside, Matthew donates time and money to his J.K. Livin Foundation, which benefits children.

Glad to see the money is going to a good cause (eventually), but let's hope the next time the two make a bet it involves incredibly embarrassing fun stuff.


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