Reba on Craig Ferguson 12/14/09
Who wants a free Tim McGraw fan club membership?

Toby's rapping was actually controversial I guess


Oh geez.  People will take anything and run with it, I swear. 

I had the video earlier of Toby entertaining the crowd at the Nobel Peace Prize concert afterparty and was amazed at Toby's rapping skills. Okay, more amazed that he would actually get up and do something like rap, but that's beside the point.

Well now I read over on TMZ that some people are up in arms because Toby apparently did a slant-eye thing when Will Smith said "yellow." 

Really?  Are people honestly watching THAT closely just to see if anyone does something that might just possibly offend someone?  Crazy.  Aren't there toys to take away from orphans or something? 

I watched the video again and couldn't catch what the heck they were talking about, but luckily TMZ cuts to just the right spot where you can see Toby do "the move."  Check it out here if you care to.

Toby's rep unnecessarily responded, "No one at the concert thought Toby was out of line."

Toby's rep also said, "Everyone was impressed with his rapping skills and that's it ... all of the artists liked each other, hung out, and it was a very friendly, genuine, and supportive atmosphere."


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