The WWE is coming! The WWE is coming!


Okay, usually when I report on this person or that person deciding to give country music a try I rant and rave or at least mildly gripe.  This time I think I'll be completely nice because…well because this gal sort of scares the crap out of me and I'd prefer to keep all my limbs attached. 

See the latest person who wants to see how country music feels on their resume is Mickie James, a WWE diva who I seriously think could whip my ass and not break a nail doing it.

The wrestling gal, according to That Nashville Sound, will be releasing her first country single in February and then releasing her first album in March.

"I'm very blessed to have come across some really, really good people and gotten them on my team," Mickie told a New Jersey newspaper. "I was hoping to have all the vocals done by the end of this month, because obviously I want to release the single in February and the album in March."

Mickie has signed an exclusive personal recording contract with Nashville music producer Kent Wells who has produced projects for Dolly Parton and Neal McCoy among others.

Okay, now I need to go find some more news on Taylor, Carrie, Kellie or some other singer who if I make a snarky comment I'm not afraid of physical pain.



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