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Spontaneous dance numbers to Josh Turner tunes are definitely good for the soul

Flashmob josh Turner

Have you ever seen one of the YouTube videos where all of a sudden in a crowded area a bunch of people will seemingly out of nowhere break into some routine, usually a dance?  They are so friggin' much fun to watch.  The people's reactions who aren't in on the joke are the best.  Some are shocked, some are confused, and some are just downright ready to join right in.  They're so great.
Well a group of these "spontaneous" dancers (called a Flashmob, which I didn't know until I read it on CMT) recently broke out into dance at a Nashville Predator's game and just happened to be shakin' their booties to Josh Turner's latest single "Why Don't We Just Dance."  Enjoy!
And if you enjoyed that, here's my favorite flashmob performance of all time that took place at Central Station of Antwerp in Belgium.  Yes, it's for real.


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