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My special night with Sara Evans and the picture Nazi


Sunday, November 29th, my birthday.  It's come and went with little fanfare.  Thank goodness. Glad that's over.  Well as most of you know I was lucky enough to be given tickets to Sara Evan's Boise show.  I was so excited.  Well I was actually lucky enough to win a pair of tickets from Sara Evans' Twitter so I had a spare pair to share.  So I shared with my mom and sister who were down on the floor.


And no, their eyes (my sister Amanda on the left and mom Kathy on the right) don't generally glow.  The picture kind of makes them look evil.  They're actually nice, trust me. 

So my date for the evening was my baby girl Caitlin.  She was so excited since this was her very first concert. 


I2christmas_treeLet me start off by saying that Sara Evans is awesome.  This is the second time that I've seen Sara in concert and she's just a wonderful performer.  The Qwest Arena in Boise was the perfect venue for an intimate holiday concert, not huge but not small enough that it's going to be hot and sweaty and muggy with lots of people huddled together.

The stage was just a square stage, nothing fancy.  I had figured there would be decorations of some sort but there weren't.  No trees or ornaments or anything like that, just three extra large picture frames on wall that played videos.  Not very festive, but that's cool since we were just there to see Sara anyway and the excitement my daughter had visibly emanating from her was enough to make the whole evening 100% worth it, lack of actual Christmas-ness and all.


Sara came out in her sparkly, festive red pants, black shirt, and heels you'd think would be impossible to actually walk in.  Not sure how she does it.  But Sara came out and belted out all her hits. She was in prime form and it still amazes me that THAT voice can come out of THAT itty bitty lady.  It's definitely a mystery.  Sara's a funny lady and I enjoyed listening to her family stories.  But then came the part that sort of put a huge damper on the evening.

The picture Nazi. 

P1020618  Now comes the disclosure, something I must tell you.  I'm a picture whore.  But I say that in a good way.  I have a huge picture fetish.  I'm one of those crazy people that if I have a camera and I'm enjoying something I will take hundreds of pictures.  I'm not as bad as I used to be, but it's still a problem sometimes. But I also have a majorly sucky little digital camera.  It's great for taking pictures of the kids and things that are close, but for concerts it's just not a very good camera.  So what I end up doing is taking 300 or 400 pictures and then I'm lucky to get 20 or 30 halfway decent pictures.  The picture above of Sara, that's about the best picture I got.  Yep, sucky.  But sucky or not it's still nice to get the pictures, you know? 

Well the picture Nazi had other ideas for me at the concert.  At the doors the security guy went thru my purse and asked me about my camera.  I told him it's just a little digital camera.  He let me in.  Then the radio personalities said before the concert started that no videoing was allowed but that was it, nothing about pictures.  There were no signs, no announcements, no warnings, nothing was said about taking pictures.  Then about 10 minutes and 30 pictures in the picture Nazi (aka the security wench for my section of the Qwest Arena) came and tapped me on the shoulder and said no picture taking was allowed. Then she proceeded to go and tell several other people that pictures weren't allowed - cameras, cell phones, whatever, she stopped all picture taking equally. 

Seriously. Ridiculous.

All around in every other friggin' section of the arena were cameras flashing, videos videoing, cell phones shooting, people running up to the stage to snap close-up shots of Sara and her sparkly pants.  There was one lone security guard down on the floor tapping people on the shoulder who were video taping, but that was it.  Except of course in our little section where the picture Nazi stood her post to make sure we couldn't document our enjoyment of the concert with pictures. 

I was seriously P.O.'ed.  Why if there weren't supposed to be pictures taken did they let everyone in with cameras?  Why was there only an announcement about not wanting video to show up on YouTube but nothing about pictures?  And why in the world did I have to get stuck in the section with the only security guard who appeared to be intent on ruining my concert review? 

I hope she ends up with a really big, nasty cold sore or something. 

At least the show was great.  After Sara had finished singing her hits she left the stage and there was a brief intermission.  Video played in the frames hanging up on the wall - video of Sara's kids, family, band members, and extended traveling family.  A great way to pass the time during an intermission.  Then Sara came back on stage in a tight black holiday dress, higher-than-high heels, and sang a few holiday tunes.  Again she knocked it out of the park.  Of course it was hard to thoroughly enjoy the show since I was too busy plotting my revenge against the security guard. 

Nawww, I really did enjoy the show.  I was expecting them to mix the Christmas music and greatest hits together rather than having the first half hits and second half holiday tunes, but it was great nonetheless.  And my mom, sister, and daughter were on a concert high for quite a while after the show so they definitely had a good time.

And what became of the picture Nazi you ask? Well lucky her she just happened to be waiting at the top of the stairs as Caitlin and I were leaving.  I told her that being asked to not take pictures of a show when there didn't appear to actually be a no-picture-taking rule sucked huge.  And that if there was in fact a rule then they needed to enforce it throughout the entire arena because there were people all over videoing AND taking pictures and that she seemed to be the only enforcer. She told me that they were told to stop anyone who had a telephoto lens (a lens that came out of the camera) from taking pictures. Okay, then why was she stopping people from taking pictures who were using cell phones?  Her only response was she was just doing her job.

Yeah, okay.  Her job of being a concert scrooge. 

But I'm over it now.  I have my 30 blurry pictures and great memories of my daughter's first concert and that's really all that matters.   


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