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Oh I so, so, SO love this story.  Makes me wonder what age you can no longer be legally adopted because I really want this dad to adopt me.

One proud papa of a brand new bride decided to get his baby girl just what she wanted, Chuck Wicks.

Seems the bride was a bit disappointed when the wedding band they had hired didn't know Chuck's song Stealing Cinderella, the song she wanted for her father-daughter dance at her wedding.  So her dad did what any good dad would do, he got his daughter someone who did know Stealing Cinderella...Chuck Wicks.

Not exactly sure what strings he pulled, but it sure makes for a memorable wedding video.  From Celebrity Bride Guide...

Chuck Wicks surprised one lucky bride when he showed up at her wedding to perform his hit song “Stealing Cinderella.”

“When Jamie got engaged, she said ‘Dad, you gotta start thinking about what you want for our dance,’” the father of the bride told wedding guests. “I thought immediately, I said ‘I want ‘Stealing Cinderella.’”

When the wedding band didn’t know how to play the song, the father took matters into his own hands.

“There’s nothing like Chuck Wicks singing ‘Stealing Cinderella,’” he says to the guests. “So we got Chuck Wicks here to sing ‘Stealing Cinderella.’”

Check out the video of the shocked bride and see the live performance here.

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