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Oh I so, so, SO love this story. Makes me wonder what age you can no longer be legally adopted because I really want this dad to adopt me. One proud papa of a brand new bride decided to get his baby girl just what she wanted, Chuck Wicks. Seems the bride was a bit disappointed when the wedding band they had hired didn't know Chuck's song Stealing Cinderella, the song she wanted for her father-daughter dance at her wedding. So her dad did what any good dad would do, he got his daughter someone who did know Stealing Cinderella...Chuck... Read more

Dang it all anyway. Just had a complete blonde moment. Sitting here going through my feed reader looking for news to post and had probably 3000 stories to go through just in the country music section of my reader (don't even ask how many are sitting in the celebrity section, it's scary). I went to hit refresh to make sure my reader was up-to-the-moment but hit "mark all as read" instead. So with just one quick click of my mouse I deleted all my country music news. The bad thing is I've done the same thing several times before. Drives.... Read more

It's Carrie by Invitation Only

Are you guys watching Carrie's CMT Invitation Only right now? It's on TV as we speak. Or at least it started half an hour ago so you may just be out of luck. Sorry. But here's a video from the show to make you feel a little better about missing the show. Carrie Underwood: Invitation Only Carrie Underwood| Carrie Underwood Videos| New Country Songs Read more

Sunday, November 29th, my birthday. It's come and went with little fanfare. Thank goodness. Glad that's over. Well as most of you know I was lucky enough to be given tickets to Sara Evan's Boise show. I was so excited. Well I was actually lucky enough to win a pair of tickets from Sara Evans' Twitter so I had a spare pair to share. So I shared with my mom and sister who were down on the floor. And no, their eyes (my sister Amanda on the left and mom Kathy on the right) don't generally glow. The picture kind... Read more