Tragic Jessica Simpson news


I know, I know, Jessica Simpson's not country and the majority of you seem to hate her with a passion, but this story is so extremely sad that I felt the urge to pass it on anyway. 

Jessica's dog Daisy, who has for the last few years been Jessica's constant companion and very often photographed accompanying Jessica around town, has been snatched by a coyote while Jessica watched.  

She wrote on her Twitter yesterday…My heart is broken because a coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!

No matter how you feel about Jessica Simpson, this is an awful, horrible story.  I hope for her sake she finds her little Daisy, but then on the other hand I kind of hope she doesn't find her since a Malti-Poo isn't much of a match for a nasty old coyote. 



6 thoughts on “Tragic Jessica Simpson news”

  1. Awe, poor Jessica.
    I think she’s gone through enough in her life as it is.. and now this?!
    terribly heart breaking :(
    as for me too, my heart goes out to you Jessica!!

  2. I dont even recognize her anyomre..she must have overdosed on the plastic surgery..she shouldnt have to change herself. I think since she went through a major extreme makeover it hurt herself more than help her. It sends a message out of low self esteem and is a harmful example. well anyways thats my opinion..=)I think Jessica is a better singerafter i heard Ashlees-pieces of me i havent listened to another song of hers..

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