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Keith Urban.  Is he a funny guy?  Well Keith's former manager, Greg Shaw, seems to think so - enough so that he's using his experiences managing Keith to create a new web comedy show called Rock Dogs.

Shaw was Keith's manager before he hit it big, from 1986 to 2000, and is now using that  experience to write comedy for his online comedy series. 

"It was originally claymation, but it was too expensive to fund so we changed to having comedians playing the RockDogs," Shaw said.

"I was working on this while I was with Keith." As a result of working on his idea while still managing Urban, a lot of the storyline for future shows will be based on his experiences with Keith.

"There will be lots of Keith Urban stories coming out in RockDogs," Shaw said.

Ooh, ooh, do you suppose he'll divulge any deep, dark secrets in the name of comedy?  And  do you suppose Keith will ever make a cameo in the show? 

We can only hope.

Be sure to check out the RockDogs series here.

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