Blake banned!


There have been a lot of well publicized celebrity Twitter fights going on over the last few month – Miley's gotten into a couple, Travis Barker and his wife have been battling it out viciously lately, Perez Hilton has been fighting with basically everyone, Lindsay Lohan has had some public rows with her girlfriend, things like that.  Well there was one battle royale that was going on right under my nose that I didn't take any real notice of. 

Blake versus Peta. 

officialpeta: Meat is Murder!
blakeshelton: Yes, delicious murder…. 

In all honesty, I had noticed that once in a while Blake had something sassy to say to PETA, but I didn't realize it was a whole one-sided battle going on…if I had I definitely would have watched a little more closely.  Well it seems that PETA did take notice because yesterday they banned Blake from their Twitter account so he can no longer get their messages.

blakeshelton: Well… I think we all knew this day would come…. You may want set down… I've been blocked by PETA!!!!!

Sad face. 

But never fear because Blake had a backup plan!  PETA 2. Oh, and Greenpeace… 

blakeshelton: Hello peta2 …. Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Blake Shelton.. This could be the begining of a beautiful relationship!!!

Greenpeace: We are all bearing witness to climate change. Climate impacts from around the world
blakeshelton: I think they call it seasons….

If you're sorry you missed the Blake vs PETA Twitter battle, then be sure to check out my friend Vicky's blog since she's been awesome enough to gather all the funny (and racy) Tweets here.



4 thoughts on “Blake banned!”

  1. Some PETA people can be a bit wacky, but in the end, “fights” like this one always come down to science, logic and compassion vs. bad jokes.
    So PETA wins, except in the minds of people who know nothing about science and logic, and can feel no compassion, but still snicker at fart jokes.

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