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It's a Ross the Intern scavenger hunt


Hey all you Nashville-ites or Nashvillians or whatever you call yourselves, I have a scavenger hunt/stalking quest for you. 

My very favorite-ist person in the world - Ross the Intern (like from The Tonight Show) - is in Nashville for one reason or another and I want you to get a picture with him.  You'll get extra points if you have a sign that says Nashville Gab but that's not required. 

If you succeed and send me a picture with him you'll get an awesome prize out of the prize vault (i.e. something I have laying around like an autographed CD or book or something equally awesome). 

No worries about being weird, Ross actually wants people to find him.  Here's what he said on his website...

I'm at a mall in Nashville somewhere (I seriously have no idea where I
am - Opry Mills something?) shooting stuff for Big Saturday Night, but
I took this picture from my hotel room earlier this morning.

I woke up on the best freakin' mood for some reason and I am having a
great day so far.

I'm gonna spend the rest of the day ambushing people all around
Nashville and playing games with them, so I think it's gonna stay a
great day.


If YOU'RE in Nashville, come find me & play!

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