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Carrie heads to Idol one last time this season


American Idol just can't get enough of Carrie this year.  She's had dealings with the show three times this season already - once to sing with Randy Travis, once when she traveled to Africa for "Idol Gives Back," and she's also the singer of their go-home song this year.  Well three times isn't quite enough so Carrie's going back for more.

Next Tuesday, May 19, Carrie will return to Idol once again so that she can perform this year’s Idol farewell song, Home Sweet Home, live.

It'd be kind of cool if they'd bring in Motley Crue (the original singers of the song) to sing with her but I don't see that happening.  

Carrie donated proceeds from sales of the song to HSUS which angered some sportsmen's groups who rallied against her for Entertainer of the Year earlier this year.  Now I'm curious if they'll once again raise a stink now that she's going to be on the show again.      

Note:  The picture above has nothing to do with Idol, just thought it was a cute picture. 

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