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Has Jessica Simpson been dropped by her record label?


Hmmm, juicy little rumor that Country Music Tattle Tale has brewing on their site.  Seems one of their astute readers has been keeping tabs on Jessica Simpson's record label and it appears that her name and information no longer appears on either the Columbia Nashville or Sony Music Nashville websites.  Even her artist page that tells all about her and her music is gone. 


So could this be the reason for the sudden trip to Cabo instead of the ACMs?  Hmmm.  I'm sure if this rumor's true then we'll be hearing all the details in the days to come.  

Check out CMTT for all the info here.  

***Update:  Can you say spin?  You can read read all the updates on this story by going over to the right and under "search the stars" just click Jessica's name.  I did want to give a quick update here though since this is the post everyone is coming to right now. 

Jessica's rep has now denied that Jessica was dropped from her country record label and was in fact just on loan to do her country album.  She did her country thing and now she's returning home to her original label, Epic, who they say has always been her home.

Uhmm, that's all well and fine, but is this what Jessica wanted or the record label wanted?  As of this moment, it's all just wording.  Jessica has made it clear she wanted to do country and had no intention of ever recording another pop album.  In fact she said not too long ago she was going to be working on a new country album soon.  Had she done well in country music I doubt the record label would have let her go without some sort of fight or extension of the loan contract.  I would think the fact that her country career fell flat, all mention of her on the country label websites is gone, AND she's "returning home" to Epic records should be an indication that the record label no longer wanted her.  In my book that's being dumped.  The PR people can spin it however they want, but Jessica's country singing career experiment appears to have crashed and burned. 

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