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Hank Williams Sr is such a mysterious legend and I think one of the reasons he's still talked about so often today rather than fading into history like many of the old time singers has to do with his mysterious death. 

Well Hank Williams' granddaughter, Holly Williams, recently took a trip to the Andrew Johnson Hotel in downtown Knoxville, one of the last places Williams visited before being found dead, to retrace his final steps. 

There she met Emmanuel “Chico” Martin, who was an 18-year-old bellhop at the hotel when Williams Sr. visited.  Chico helped to fill in a few blanks about those last hours of Williams' life.  

“He was very much alive,” said Martin. “I talked to him coming in, talked to him coming out and I remember he made one little statement, ‘when you drink like this, this is the price you gotta pay.’ He just kind of drawled out and they ate there at the hotel that night and had some booze. He was very much alive, he just needed help.”  

Must've been pretty eerie to retrace those last moments.  You can read the whole news story here and you can watch the video below. 

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