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There's been lots of rumor and speculation for a while now about who was going to be dancing on Dancing With The Stars and now we finally have the list and it's going completely country couple. 

Jewel was rumored to be dancing and she is, the surprising part is that so will her real-life husband, Ty Murray.  The best part is, though, that they won't be dancing together.  Now that's gonna be fun to watch.  Wonder if the jealousy will show. 

Julianne Hough had said she wouldn't be returning this season for DWTS but I guess she lied because she's back and bringing Chuck Wicks with her.  That's gonna be sooooo hot!  If there's no chemistry in their dancing then I'm gonna have lost my faith in coupledom.  Let's just hope they don't kill each other in the process of practicing because I think it's going to be stressful.

The complete list of competitors are:

Singer Belinda Carlisle, comedian and actor David Alan Grier, singer/songwriter Jewel, Olympic athlete Shawn Johnson, singer and actress Lil’ Kim, actor Gilles Marini, rodeo cowboy Ty Murray, comedian and actor Steve-O, entertainment anchor Nancy O’Dell, actress Denise Richards, NFL legend Lawrence Taylor, country singer Chuck Wicks, and computer icon Steve Wozniak.

So there you go.  I think this is going to be one fun season of DWTS to watch. 

You can catch the show premier March 9, but if you can't wait that long than be sure to catch the actual announcements on ABC tonight. 

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