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Adam's been up to the ol' blogging thing again.  This time he tells us about playing Memphis and the guitar he received as a gift. 

Today we did a show in Memphis, Tennessee. The home of the King Elvis Presley! Something very special that happened while in Memphis. My buddy Joe Leathers (whom I have written a bunch with) and his family came to the show. Before the show, Joe came to the bus and visited for a little while... I noticed he was carrying a guitar case in his hand. I figured he was coming to pick a new tune for me or something. But no, he bought the guitar for me! He said to me, "Adam I couldn't think of what I wanted to get for you to show my appreciation for our friendship, so I thought I would get you a guitar knowing how much you love to play!" I was very shocked and extremely thankful. I asked him to sign the back of it for me. I couldn't get it out of my hands for the rest of the evening. Joe is a great guy, a great friend, a great father to his kids and a great husband to his wife. He has got great faith, which makes me respect him even more.

The show had a tremendous turnout! The club was packed to the max making it very hard for myself and the band to get to and from the stage - haha, but we survived! We pulled out of Memphis and drove through the night. We arrived in Ft. Wayne, IN on Friday. In Ft. Wayne, I had a station visit at WQHK and an interview with Dave the DJ. It was a smooth sailing interview. I played "Down The Road" live on-air, while he spun both "Crazy Days" and my new single, "What It Takes." After the visit, Dave, Shelley and myself went to dinner at O'Charleys. The rest of the band ate at Logans Roadhouse. The Neon Armadillo club was so awesome to us. They took care of the band's meal at Logans and offered their help in any other way to us, which was so nice! After the three of us were done eating at O'Charleys, we made our way back to the bus where I had a little time to get freshened up before the show.

The band and I took to the stage around 9:30 p.m. to play a 75-minute set. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had some good friends come to the show to surprise me and show their support. Once the show was done and everything, we packed up and said our thank yous and good byes. We were again on our way... this time to Waterford, MI. We didn't have a whole lot going on during the day in Waterford, but the band and I did have a show at Boomers Roadhouse. It was a big ol' dance club and restaurant. We all had a great time there! We played a 75-minute show. Before us, a group by the name of Samborn played and did a great job! The group consisted of an 11-year old boy on guitar and vocals and his 14-year old sister on piano and vocal, very impressive. It brought me back to the days when I was 11-years old, playing out at places and just enjoying myself so much. I wish them all the best in the future..

After the show, I drew a raffle ticket from a bucket. The raffle winner got a signed electric guitar from me. Well, sure enough.. The ticket I drew belonged to that 11-year old little boy Mitch Samborn. He came racing up to the stage and accepted his new guitar with a big smile on his face. I love seeing people happy... especially when it is over something they really love. After that, I signed some autographs and then made my way back to the bus. We pulled out of there shortly after and Mark, Shelley, Barry and myself were dropped off at the hotel. We are leaving out of Waterford tomorrow morning early for Columbia, SC where Mark and I are doing an acoustic show for WWNU (Ozzies Country Island).

Well, thank you all for the tremendous support. Hopefully I'll see some of you at shows out on the road soon. God Bless and have a great night.

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