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Jason Meadows wants to sell you a truck this fall.  Jason has signed on to be the pitchman for Chrysler’s new advertising campaign for the new Dodge Ram this fall. 

Chrysler is planning on doing things a little differently and will begin to feature online and television reality Webisodes based on challenges that feature the Ram’s capabilities.  The competition has four rounds of driving challenges by Dodge’s primary driver demographic:  Military, Firefighters, Contractors and Cowboys.

Jason Meadows will compete against other contestants with fellow cowboy, Scott Davis, National Sales Director for Championship Bull Riding.  Meadows’ song, “Ride It Out,” has just been chosen to be the official theme song for CBR and it will be featured in their RFDTV show and all their events for the remainder of 2008 and throughout 2009.

“I am so fired up to be a part of the Dodge Ram Challenge,” says Meadows. He continues, “I can’t wait for everybody to see it. Theses trucks are 100% Cowboy.”

To watch video trailers and find out more about the 2009 Dodge Ram competition check out Dodge's website here.

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