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Garth and Trisha buy a beach house

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood have just bought a beach house in Malibu for around $5 million.  I've read it was just under $5 million and I've read that it was $5.45 million, but really, after a million does it really matter?

This new house, at about 3,700 square feet seems, well, a little small for the Oklahoma native. His house near Owasso sits on 2,400 acres and looks like a village. But the house in Malibu has something the Owasso house doesn’t: a half acre and Pacific Ocean beach access. {source}

Looking at the pictures it sort of reminds me of the Brady Bunch house, although I don't spose they paid a dollar over $25,000 back in the day.  More photos after the jump.


{Photos via Luxury Property Blog}






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